Our Values

Third Stage is committed to a handful of core values



We are software, industry, and methodology agnostic. No backroom deals, affiliated companies taking money from software vendors, or pay-to-play schemes. Instead, we focus on doing what’s best for our clients.


Client Focus

While some consulting firms force fit rigid methodologies or inexperienced resources, we are knowledgeable and flexible enough to only the time getting to truly understand our clients.



More collaboration between clients, vendors, systems integrators, and even our own competitors is required to improve the poor track record of ERP consulting.Independence can in fact coexist with healthy industry collaboration.



Our people are good. Very good. The best of the best in the industry, hand selected by Eric Kimberling, the company’s founder and CEO. These are strategic thinkers that will help your ERP software and digital initiatives reach the Third Stage of ERP success.



No shady business practices here. Just a group of good people that do what’s best for our clients. We’re also fully transparent with clients, vendors, and industry peers.


Focus on the Important Things

We focus on the important critical success factors of your transformation. Things like organizational change management, implementation project management, business process management, and system architecture.

Learn more about how these values have translated into client successes for those we’ve worked with over the last 20 years.

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