ERP Digital Stratosphere Conference

The only technology-agnostic event of its kind, featuring Fleetwood Mac.

December 3 -5, 2018

Third Stage Consulting Group

Helping Clients Reach the Third Stage of ERP Software and Digital Transformation
Third Stage Consulting Group consists of the industry’s leading experts, hand-selected by Eric Kimberling throughout his 20-year career. We are here to help you launch your initiative to the Third Stage.

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Over the last two weeks, I have been intrigued by two data points: 1. A recent article by a well-respected colleague about the outdated...

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Over the years, we have worked with quite a few clients backed by private equity companies. These big private equity firms want unique...

What is the Best ERP Software?

Growing up my teachers used to tell us that there are no stupid questions. I’m sorry to disagree, but this is a stupid question. This is...

Comparison of Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. NetSuite

Our recently release ranking of top ERP systems for 2019 triggered some interesting discussion and comparisons of leading enterprise...

How to Avoid ERP Failure

By Sam Graham Benjamin Franklin once said that in this world only two things are certain; death and taxes. Were he alive today, he would...

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